Tuesday, May 24, 2011

This Weekend...

My youngest grandkids are coming to visit again! The weather is promising to be extremely hot, record temperatures for this time of year.  There goes our plan to be outside at one of the Memorial Day events.  Why on earth these southern communities plan any outdoor events after mid-April is beyond my comprehension! The heat is stifling and the sun is far too intense to be standing in for any length of time.

Every year I have the hope of going to the Scottish Festival  held a bit north of here, but every year we find ourselves in sweltering conditions, and we pass on it. This year, we'd hoped to take the kids and grandkids to see their first hot air balloon festival.  Since both my son in law and one of his daughters is asthmatic, I don't want to put them in a potentially dangerous environment.

So, I'm thinking up things to do at home where we can get all the cold water and air-conditioning and shade that we'll need to be safe and healthy. We'll set up the big wading pool, and we can ALL climb in and splash, if we choose to. 

 Inside the house the men will chat about whatever men chat about, and we gals will do some arts and crafts together.

 We'll have my daughter's favorite grilled chicken with my homemade bbq sauce, and we'll eat it in the sunporch.  We'll have a little campfire and make s'mores as the sun goes down.  We'll set up our tiny 5x5 tent in the sunporch, and let the grandgirls 'camp out' for night, if they will!  We'll sing camp songs before they are tucked in, and pretend that they're in the deep wilds. Maybe we'll set up some little stuffed animals and we'll turn on the little white Christmas lights on  the beams, so they feel like they're outside. I wish I had some neon stars and a moon to hang from the beams.

The rooms will be ready and waiting for them.  The toy box in the closet is ready for invasion and the dress-up  box of costumes is available too. (That's always their first stop when they come through the door.)
We're making the shopping list to be sure the items are within reach for the menu.  I hope they are all as happy when they come here as Grammie and Papa are in having these visits! 

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  1. Oh that sounds just delightful! And much safer than being out in the sweltering heat and sun. Way more fun, too! Have a fantastic time with the grandkids!! :):)