Sunday, June 12, 2011

Camp Waygood: Closed for the Summer

Due to the fact that the two regular summer campers will not be in attendance, 'Camp Waygood' will be closed this year. This year's visit was thwarted because my daughter can't take the time off from work, having lost two weeks due to her surgery, and another week when her Dad was hospitalized with a serious health concern. The costs and complications of flying these days prevents that mode of transportation, so the girls won't be at our house.  I miss them already!

Each year since we've been living in SC, Kimberly  and Rebecca have spent a few weeks with us. We spent time catching up with the girls lives. We've done activities that keep them busy and happy from arts and crafts to baking cookies with Papa.

We've had visits to festivals, orchards and animal farms. We've panned for gems.

We've taken them to Georgia, to visit their cousins, and to play mini golf in a little Bavarian village called Helen.   Sometimes the girls made us a pancake breakfast.

They've ridden a horse on our friends farm, and we've had cook outs and s'mores nights with other friends and neighbors.

We've had birthday parties and hula hoop contests, and we even did an 'egg'speriment to see if an egg would fry on the hot pavement! (It didn't)

But, this year, there will be none of that at our house for Kimbie and Becca. And Camp Waygood will be a lonely place.  I hope we can make the 900 mile trip to see them....very soon. Otherwise, Grammie and Papa will be two very unhappy campers!


  1. I'd love Camp Waygood, myself!!
    I'm sure they will miss all the fun they have on their visits. I hope you get to go and see them. Next year's Camp Waygood will be extra special!! :)

  2. I can feel the sadness in your heart as Camp Waygood was closed...I hope you can make the visit to them..We are in the same predicament this ours are 3hours away..but with the price of gas...hubby still on W.C. wages...and they aren't old enough (5 & 7) to ride the train without an adult...My heart is heavy with sadness to...

  3. Maybe Camp Waygood could be open in July for the Sanger grandchildren.