Friday, June 24, 2011


A fellow blogger mentioned her favorite sounds, and asked what her readers were. It led me to think of the other senses...and I decided to write about my favorites today.

There's nothing sweeter, in my opinion, than the smell of a tiny baby when it curls up under your chin. The freshness of it's skin.

The smell of chocolate chip cookies baking.... well, any cookies baking!

The fragrance of new rain on the grass...

The smell of newly-mown grass.

The scent of honeysuckle on the muggy night air.

The salt-air before a storm.

My favorite sights:

A sleeping child...

Dusty sunbeams filtering through tree leaves

Silent snowfall

The American Flag against blue skies with puffy white clouds

A neat flower garden

My husband's sparkling,mischievous eyes!

My grandchildren! 

Another day will bring other favorites.  What are YOUR favorite smells and sights?


  1. So many! Too many to list, but I loved reading your list. :)

  2. Many of mine are the same as yours...Babies, Rain, cut grass (even though I sneeze like crazy)...

  3. The fog rolling across the farm fields....
    The first crocus poking through the ground...
    The ocean roiling and churning after a storm...
    A hawk circling in the sky....

    Too many to mention! Life is full of small delights and wonderful moments if we chose to see them.

    Love the photo with your grands!