Friday, June 3, 2011

The Fruit and Veggie Stand

During the winter months, we purchase fruit in the grocery store, getting apples, oranges, tangerines and  grapes. This time of  year, we don't even LOOK at the fruits on the stores' shelves.  When we can get the fresh, local  items, why would we want things that have been grown, picked while green and shipped across the country? 

This is a delightful time of year for us. We go to our local veggie and fruit stands and revel in the fragrance of fresh strawberries that greet us as we walk in. Then we pass the melons, displayed in an old double wash tub,  with their rich, musky smell. My mouth waters as I pass the peaches and cross over to the wooden shelves, divided to hold the bright, red tomatoes.  There are already zucchini and summer squash, albeit small and young. "Ah", I think, "I may become a summer vegetarian!" 

We pass the roasted peanuts in their shell, two bins of salted, the other unsalted. We head for the counter in order to pay for our goods, and realize that the peaches there are $2 higher than the ones we purchased from an indidual up the street a few minutes ago.   As the 'newbie' rings up our gathered goods, my husband places two ears of corn on the counteer too.  Tonight's dinner of grilled salmon is going to have some delicious side dishes!

Dessert is sure to be a fruit salad, and with some left over for lunch tomorrow, I'll add a bit of cottage cheese, and find myself quite content at the end of each of those meals!  For good measure, I might even decide to have breakfast in the morning, which is a rarity...just so I can cut up some peaches to add to it!

Soon the local Farmers Markets will be opening, with peppers and onions, preserves, breads, and all manner of vitamin packed nutrition! Summer fruits and vegetables are definitely worth the wait...and the money! I think I'll even consider the heat a blessing, since it is surely one to the juicy food I enjoy so much at this time of year!  I hope you're all enjoying your area's local fare, although it may be early for some of you. When the time is right, indulge yourself, and get the nutritional benefits of whatever is available to you.  Enjoy in good health!


  1. thanks! you made me hungry! LOL

  2. You must live farther south--hehe! We don't get much produce until after 4th of July up here. Enjoy!! :):)

  3. I should say "local" produce--LOL!