Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Words of Wisdom

On Sunday we attended a bride and groom shower. My husband had never been to a shower before, so he wasn't sure what to expect. He wasn't entirely enthused about going, knowing that he'd know only a very few people there.  I have to give him credit for treading these unknown waters. Even though I told him he didn't 'have' to go with me, he set his feelings aside and went anyway. He's so good about things like that!  He survived...and I think, actually had a fairly good time.

While there, each guest was asked to write something that they'd learned through the years of marriage...words of wisdom. "Never go to sleep without saying I love you. You can't stay mad that way."  "Be slow to anger, quick to forgive. Bite your tongue...a LOT." "Always be honest with each other."  Someone said, " Decide from the get-go who the boss will be." The father of the bride spoke up. "I rule the roost, but I know who rules the rooster!" That brought some laughs, but is also often true!

All this made me think about the words of wisdom I've received over the years from those who were older and had more experience than I did.  In my foolish and youthful years, I often rejected the advice, thinking that I knew better, but as I've grown older, I realize that those who've plowed these fields of life before me, certainly know how to get through the clods and clear the stones that I find myself tripping over.  I've learned that it pays to listen. (My Mom told me that early on in life, but I didn't learn that 'til later!)

Just the other day I remembered something that my mother wrote in my autograph book when I was about twelve years old. It said, "Keep your face always toward the sun, and the shadows will fall behind you."  Being, now, a woman with a strong faith in God, I think about that quote, and think 'the Son' instead of the golden orb in the sky. If I always keep my eye on Him, the things that could be called 'shadows', the problems I encounter, are not so obvious to me.

Another adage Mom gave me was to always look on the bright side.  She said that "every cloud has a silver lining." When something gets you down, look for something good in it. Sooner or later, it will show up, I promise!  She taught me the same thing about people..."look for the good in people. It's there. Nobody is ever ALL bad."  And along that same vein, she taught me that there's little reward in loving those who are easy to love. The good comes in overcoming the urge to run from those who are difficult to love. (That's still a hard one!)

There have been many things said by 'the sages' over the ages. They are repeated, I'm sure, because they are worthy of sharing.  Ears would do well to listen and wise people would reap the benefits of practicing the advice. It's never too late. 

I end this with a question for you...what words of wisdom have you heard, learned from and passed along?  I'd love to know...I might learn something from them!


  1. Kathleen: thanks for commenting on my "loving him well" post...I really needed to re-read it and begin practicing again :) I think you were the Holy Spirit's prompt for me today!!! :) Since I wrote that post I found myself pregnant with baby #6 and was very sick until week 16...loving him well didn't seem so well when I felt so awful. Plus my pregnancy hormones have left me feeling irritable all too often and not as loving and intentional as I dream of being. I will pray for you and me today that we could love our husbands with THEIR love languages and meet their needs!

  2. "Life happens while we're making other plans" ..