Thursday, September 29, 2011

Beautiful Autumn....

Dear Autumn,

May  I say that you are very much appreciated this year?  Your gifts of comfortable days and cool nights are such a joy after being shut up in the house because of Summer's offerings of unbearable heat!  You've come with much-needed rain, and you're beginning to dress the trees in lovely attire.

I know that you're no where near finished with your presents...or your presence!  It is my hope that you will visit with us for many weeks to come, before Old Man Winter arrives with his frosty attitudes.  Oh! Don't get me wrong...I love him, but he can be a bit over-bearing in his personality traits. I'm blessed that he doesn't stick around for too long. I haven't got the patience for him that I once had.

Spring will be visiting in her due time, also. She's always welcome, though she can be a bit of a bluster at times.  I think she must be related to Mr. Winter, as she occaisionally brings too much of something, but never too many blossoms! 

Well, let's not focus on that right now. YOU are here...and oh, so welcome! I will leave all others out of sight and out of mind for the time-being, and I'll focus completely upon your being here!  The time we spend together in the out of doors is precious to me. Those gentle breezes are so refreshing, even on the warmest of sunny days. I will treasure every moment of your visit, drinking in the clear air, the sound of crisp leaves, and the taste of every harvest fruit and vegetable that came along with you.  Please know that I don't like to play favorites, but for now, that's exactly what I'm doing!

I look forward to the reminder of your time here, so please don't hurry away! We've much to do together, so stay around awhile, if you will. There's plenty of time later for the others.

Autumn, I LOVE you!!


  1. Lovely Post, my friend with beautiful words! I totally agree I love Fall..but this year allergies are kickin my behind :(
    However, I do not like Mr Winter as much as I once enjoyed his company....

    ~~Peace & Love & Blessings~~

  2. Love your flow of words. Beautiful writing. Blessings!

  3. Yes! I hope fall sticks around for a good while. Pretty picture of the tree. :)