Friday, September 16, 2011

A Change In the Weather?

Hallelujah!  It actually feels like Fall today! I awoke to 62deg, and it's not to rise above 68 today. Quite a change from the 87 deg humidity yesterday. We won't see much sun today, according to the weather channel, but that's ok.  There's a cloud cover, no rain, and a nice, soft, cool wind. It's all fine with me!

I wonder, though, how long this will last. It could be a long Fall where we enjoy the colored leaves, which are only just beginning here and there.  We might be lucky and go into December in shirt sleeves, as we did one year since I've lived here.  (Actually, at that time, I remember being disappointed because the weather wasn't helping me to feel like Christmas!)  I rather like Fall, so if she wants to stick around awhile, I'd be very happy. The gardens are in need of settling before Winter comes, I'd like to see them get done. And there are lots of other projects too!  One of the first I'd like to see tackled is the clean out of the garage. That, however, might be wishful thinking!

My husband has some work to do in the Preacher's yard.  Since they are away right now, it would be a good time for him to go. He doesn't get much work done when people are around because they always talk to him while he could be working. He was raised to stop and look at people when they are speaking to him, so he cannot work and talk at the same time.  Today would be a great day for his tasks there. This is comfortable weather for him.

Whether we see a long Autumn or a short one, whether we see this change as the real beginning of Fall or a tease, it is delightful to feel the drop in temperatures! We must take what we are given, and that is what we'll do.  It is so easy to accept this with gratitude!


  1. We had a couple of wondrous fall days and then frost and freeze warnings! The temps have been in the 20s at night and 50s during the day. Supposed to warm up a little again soon. The cooler temps really do feel nice, but I wasn't expecting downright chilly so soon--LOL! I am still hoping for a long fall!

    Your husband is very polite. I would keep on working while I chatted. ;)

  2. In Michgian we had our first frost last night...right now the day time temp is 59 degrees..Yes, I think Fall is on it's way..
    ~~Peace & Love~~