Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Mexican Food

Yesterday morning, I took Mom to an appointment.  As is sometimes the case, she treated me to lunch, following her 'date'.  We chose "Fiesta" this time. It was a perfect choice for me since I hadn't been there in a good while, and Mike isn't really excited about the place. He never gets what he thinks he's ordered, so he's often disappointed.

I'm never disappointed in Fiesta's food. It's abundant, it's tasty, and it is not at all pricey. I always end up taking half of it, or more, home in a styrofoam box. Yesterday I ordered the 'lunch fajita' for  $6.99 and took enough home that I ate it for dinner, as well, and was sufficiently fed at both times.  The dinner fajita is a larger version of the same things...a choice between chicken or beef strips, mixed with peppers, onions and spices,three small tortillas, refried beans, shredded lettuce and tomatoes, quacamole and sour cream. Add a little salsa from the dip bowl they bring with corn tortilla chips when you first sit down, and you can say you've been well-fed! 

I've always liked tacos, tortillas with anything (meat or cheese or vegetables or any combo of the afore-mentioned), chili. I don't like things too spicey, but do prefer just enough 'bite' to know that you've got something different from the norm.  We make these types of meals at home, but somehow, it's not the same as the taste you get at Fiesta or other places like it. 

I will keep trying, though! Do you have a favorite Mexican food? Or maybe you don't like it at all? If you don't, let me know....I'll eat your share!


  1. No Mexican food for me,please.
    Nothing spicy at all ! It isn't that it doesn't agree with me I just don't like it.
    Meat,taters,clams,fish or a good soup or samp ! Now,as Stewart Bennett was apt to say, That's Fittin" Bub !

  2. No, Ben...I can't take it too spicey either...that doesn't agree with me. But a little doesn't hurt me.."it'll cure what ails ya", as a few other Bonackers might tell you! :-)

  3. I'm enjoying both of your blogs! May I ask, who is Stewart Bennett?