Tuesday, October 4, 2011

A New Day...

Well, folks...cookie day got skipped...again!  As often happens in life, a number of other things jumped in to my good intentions and stole away my time. Taking care of a dozen phone calls in regard to Mom's rental homes, contractors who have not met time constraints and arrival dates (by weeks!), and a number of other annoying little things.

One of those calls was  to a lab who did routine bloodwork in June. As always, I paid at the time of service , and I'm  now being billed for the same work. When I spoke to "Michelle", who was located in the billing office in another state,  she gave me a couple of excuses as to why the bill had been sent out.
"Payment hasn't yet been received."   My reply..."I paid the same day, as I do each time, at the front desk of the lab."  Michelle responded, "Oh, I see. Your check was no good, so it wasn't ever applied to your account."  Me: "Michelle, my check was perfectly fine. I had $700 plus in my checking account at the time, and there would be absolutely no reason for that check to be 'no good.'   Michelle: "Well, it was held to be put through a second time, and it wasn't any good."   Me, still politely: "I'm sorry, but that is not correct. I have never received a notice from the bank stating there was insufficient funds or a bounced check. I have not received a fee for such a check, and besides, I have overdraft protection at my bank. Something must be wrong on the billing end, because that check was good." Michelle: "Well, it's never gone through your bank, so you still owe this." 

After a few more minutes of this nonsense, I told her I'd check with my bank. I first checked my monthly statements. No check. I went to the bank and the teller tried to find my check there, but could not locate it. Therefore, I must assume that my payment was never put through the system.  Now I must make another call to that billing office. I will ask for my check to be returned or tell her to put it through, as it is still a good check. I KNOW she will tell me that the check has been destroyed. How do I know this?  Because I have been through this exact scenerio once before...last year.  I'm more than a little annoyed about this inefficiency, and I will begin to look for another lab. I do remember that day in June...the regular woman who works there at the desk was out to lunch, and my time with the 'fill in' was longer than necessary, as she couldn't figure out how to get into the computer without calling three people to get a password for access. From there, she couldn't figure out the billing program. I suspect that is where the trouble began. I wonder why they'd put a substitute at the desk, to receive payments who doesn't know how to operate their system?

So anyway,...the cookies didn't get made that day, but it's going to happen!  Yes, Ben...they will be homemade cookies. Yes, my husband will be happy...and yes, you're all still invited to stop in!

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  1. LOL your invitation to have cookies has been returned. I had to use a fill in secretary and she didn't recognize you, so you were blocked. LOL
    It is never their fault !!!