Thursday, November 17, 2011

An Anniversary

Yesterday marked the 6th anniversary of the closing on this house.  Time sure does fly!  I remember that day...November 16, 2005. We met our realtor at his office, and followed him to Greenville to the law office, as we had no idea then where anything was.  We had a short, quick time of signing papers, and then the keys were placed in our hands, and suddenly we were the owners of two homes!  Our realtor, who has become a friend since then, gave me a shopping bag with the gift of a navy throw with the SC state symbol on it....a palm tree and a crescent moon. After a hug, and a short chat, he was off to an appointment. 

We made our way back to the house after having lunch at some forgotten spot.  We went to visit with my brothers and hung out there for awhile. Then we went out to dinner to celebrate.  We had no furniture to place into the house, but we stayed there that very first night anyway. We pulled our sleeping bags from the van, brought in our suitcase and toiletries, and made a bed on the living room carpet. It wasn't extremely comfortable, for sure, but we wanted to stay in our new house!

Our stay was short, as we needed to get back to our hometown for our family Thanksgiving, my birthday, Mike's birthday and Christmas.  Over the next year, we made several visits to the house, taking enough 'essentials' with us for some 'glorified' camping in our home when we went south.  We finally decided to move bag and baggage and make our new farmhouse our home.  It's fun to remember those first days and nights here, to open our home to our family and friends for holidays and visits, and it's good to wake each day to all that awaits us. Nobody can see into a crystal ball and predict tomorrow, but we're happy to take it just one day at a time here in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains, just as we did for over 50 years in my old hometown near the sea.

Life is good. It doesn't matter the altitude wherein  you live, what matters is the attitude that lives within.

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  1. Sounds like a huge move, but done a little at a time it was easier to adjust to. :)
    Your new place is really in a beautiful part of the United States. You're right. Home is where you make it. :)