Sunday, November 27, 2011

Busy Days...

We have a very active church group, and at this time of year, it seems even moreso.  Although many others do, we don't always attend all of the events. We also have other social events to be a part of, family things going on, and sometimes we just need to 'be still'.

The calendar since Nov 14 looked like this:

14th....Church Senior group monthly supper, soup and sandwiches. Bring beverages, sandwiches,
 or desserts.
18th....Fellowship supper at Sue's home. Turkey will be provided...bring sides or dessert.
20th....Dessert and coffee after evening service, Preacher appreciation night
22....All church Thanksgiving gathering....soup and sandwiches....bring your favorite soup,sandwiches,or dessert.
27.... Youth benefit spaghetti luncheon. Please bring desserts. Donations will be accepted and used for the youth group's 'adoption' of families for Christmas.
28....Dinner out for my birthday with family.

December hasn't even begun yet, and the calendar is full!  There will be a Christmas play, three home parties, carolling, a weekend visit to Georgia, 4 NYers coming for a week, hubby's birthday, some riding around to look at lights (slip in one week of 'feet up', hahaha!!!) Then it's Christmas week and two Georgia families coming, some for a week,some for a day or two! Please take note that these events are all in addition to the normal church activities, and I've not mentioned the decorating of the house, the shopping that needs be finished with Mom, the wrapping, the baking and whatever else comes up! 

I'm no Scrooge...not by any means...and I love everything about Christmas, but I'm losing my energy just writing this blog!  I have no idea what I can cut out, and I don't want to miss a thing.  Well, I guess there's January when I can actually put up my feet and breathe easily!)

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