Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Don't Mess With A Good Thing...

There are some recipes that shouldn't be toyed with, in my humble opinion. Oh, I know. How will you ever know if it works if you don't add a little of this, or a little of that, to a mixture? Well, my thinking is, 'Why do you have to know something else works, when you're original batch is proven?"

My favorite homemade cookie is a good, old-fashioned chocolate chip one.  It doesn't need to be marred by substituting peanut butter, for the butter, or butter for the Crisco, for that matter.  I don't want you to add raisins to the batch. I don't need the nuts, but don't mind too much if they are thrown in. There are some people who seem, lately, to think that pumpkin is the perfect addition to chocolate chip cookie dough. Not me. Don't mess with a good thing!

While I understand that some recipes are enhanced by the addition of spices or removal of some ingredient or another, and I know,too, that everyone's taste buds are different,  there are some things that can't be improved upon. Sometimes simpler is best.


  1. Agree, especially with the good ole toll house cookie recipe..leave it alone..it's yummy as written...

  2. I agree! Give me a good old fashioned plain chocolate chip cookie. They are my favorite, too. :)