Sunday, November 6, 2011

SC Fall Days

We are enjoying the sunny, clear, dry weather of Autumn. The days are still reaching into the high 60's and the nights are nearly twenty degrees lower. We wake to frost on the grass, and sometimes even icy windshields on our cars.  But it is beautiful weather to live in! It's comfortable outside with just a sweatshirt or a light jacket.  Since I despise heavy jackets and constricting clothing, I'm grateful for this time before those days come.

I've been reminiscing about the weather back home in NY.  It won't be long before the town pond will be wearing a thin layer of ice in the early mornings. People will have to turn the cars on to let them warm up for a few minutes to be comfortable inside, and the defroster will have to be set to thaw the windshields.
The children will be standing at their bus stops and their breath will be seen in the air. It is a different type of Fall in that northern area than what we experience here.

Oh, our turn will come, too....but it is slower in arriving, and shorter in its staying.  Winter comes fast once the weather turns cold here, but like Fall, the Wintertime is shorter, too, than it is in the north where I used to live.  Here we have 2 months of cool, 2 months of cold,  4 months of warm and 4 months of HOT!   My favorite months are those temperate ones, where short or long sleeved shirts are just enough. Too hot is not my favorite, and I spend a good deal of time inside where it's cooler. The cold has a way of driving me inside, as well, to huddle with a warm cup of something, a down throw and a pair of thick socks.

It is said that' we're never satisfied' as humans.  Maybe that's true of some, but right now, I'm quite satisfied with these November days.  I hope you all are enjoying yours as much as I am delighting myself in ours!

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  1. I'm consistent with what I don't like...the hot humid summer days. Any of the rest, from blizzards to thunderstorms, I'll take. And I stay indoors with the AC on for the hot humid days, so that I can like those, too--LOL! ;)