Sunday, November 20, 2011


My Mom has two sayings referring to 'waiting'.  One is  'All good things come to those who wait.'
and the other is 'Anything worth having is worth waiting for.'  It may be true, and last evening, I was reminded again of that.

On Nov 5, I wrote about missing the Canadian geese that we used to see all the time when we lived on Long Island, and how we rarely see them here in SC.  I was wishing that I'd see a gaggle of them once again and longing to hear their tell-tale honking as they cross the sky on their familiar and invisible tracks.

Last night, while I was waiting for my husband to return to the car with our take-out Greek salad and Greek Pizza...I was people watching. All of a sudden, through the open window, I heard it. Loud honking! The sound of Canadian geese coming from somewhere behind the van!  I opened the car door and looked into the dusky sky. I could hear them, but they were nowhere in sight.....for a minute.  Then, there they were....all helter skelter, trying to gather themselves into some sort of formation. While I watched with complete pleasure, they failed at their attempt to figure out where there place was, and maybe even which was the 'head' goose. They flew in a ragged line across the path toward the East.  I continued to watch and to listen, until they were a dim squiggle in the darkening sky.

As I sat, I remembered Mom's adages, and I also realized that God had heard my thoughts of missing the geese. I thought of the scripture verse in Psalms that says, "Delight yourself in the Lord and He will give you the desires of your heart."   I believe that God cares, even about the little things, and though we may have to wait to see them, sometimes He blesses us with something that makes you realize that He hears even the silent desires of the heart.  This blessing of the geese was definitely was worth waiting for!


  1. Amen! He hears even our smallest desires...

  2. I wonder if South Carolina might be their winter feeding grounds ? The end of the journey for them. Have to Google that.
    The geese are wonderful birds.