Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Still Plodding Along...

Three days 'til the gang arrives from NY. Things to do:

1) Finish the decorating in sunroom
2) Make beds in grandkids room
3) Clean bathrooms
4) Final vacuuming
5) Grocery shop for picky eaters!
6) LOCK door to master's unfit for human eye! (stuff has to go someplace, doesn't it?!)
7) Fresh table cloths on dining and sunroom tables
8) Extra TV to Mom's ...her's quit working.

Things done:

1) Some cards made...waiting for addresses
2) Major cleaning
3) Gifts all wrapped
4) Meals planned (tough job...some don't eat pork, or pork products, some only eat mac and cheese from a BOX, some won't eat tomatoes in anything, some won't eat veggies except corn, some don't like meat with fruit, ie: orange chicken or pork with cranberry/orange sauce, some survive only on carbs, some won't eat carbs at all. Some love my homemade soups, others don't like soup at all... Siiiiigh)
5) Laundry done

Charrrrrrrrrrrrrge!!! on to the top list....something will be finished by the end of the day.

1 comment:

  1. It's hard to plan meals for people who all have different conditions as to what they will and won't eat. Good luck!

    And I hope you got more checked off your list, too! ;)