Thursday, January 19, 2012

It's Gone....

It's rare that I lose things.  Well, let me clarify that. I often misplace things, but not forever.  Usually it's a case of putting something somewhere and forgetting where, only to find it again sometime.  I do r
remember two things, though, that I've loved and lost. I hate to think that I am so materialistic that it would bother me, long after the fact, so let's call it 'so sentimental' instead.

My grandmother had a  long,oval-shaped silver pendant with a natural and unpolished turquoise stone in it. I remember her wearing it in the days when we lived with her, so it was prior to my being eleven years old.  She would wear her housedress and apron in the morning, but after lunch each day, she would climb the stairs, lie down for an hour or so, and come back downstairs wearing a nice dress and jewelry.  It was then that she'd sometimes wear the necklace, which I believe was a gift from her eldest daughter who used to travel the world.

After Grandma passed away, the pendent became mine. I don't remember how that came to be, but I think that the world-traveler asked if I wanted it. At any rate, it was a cherished possession, both because it was my grandmother's, and because it was silver and favorite combination for jewelry.  I wore the piece often and had many comments on it, as it was an unusual piece.

One day I realized it was gone. I have no idea where, but it was gone. I searched the jewelry boxes and the top of the bureau that held them. I searched the floor around it. I hunted in the bed, under all the furniture, even the closet floor and pockets of clothing.  I even dug through the contents of the vacuum bag.... all to no avail. Finally I had to admit to myself that I'd lost it. (I probably pulled a turtleneck over my head, without removing the chain, which I have done more than once in my lifetime.) It was gone...and gone for good.

It's out of my hands...gone from my possession, but not my thoughts. I think of it often, and wish I'd been able to find it and continue to wear it in loving memory of Grandma. Sigh.

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  1. I'm sorry you lost your keepsake...Hope it turns up again..someday soon..usually the least expected Christmas Decorations??