Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Feed A Cold?

That old adage..."Feed a cold, starve a fever" has been replaying through my mind every day since Mike came down with his cold, and subsequently shared it with me.  I've never quite figured out the meaning of the saying, but it doesn't have much to do with food!

I've had so little appetite through this mess, that I think the scale must be stuck.  It hasn't moved in more than a year, even with the January stomach ailment and this cold, which is now on it's tenth day.  It's not fair!  I've been eating, but not as much as usual, and that's a fact.

Every day we talk about what to have for dinner. Neither of us is excited about anything food related, but we do finally end up choosing something. Most of the time, it's been soup or a sandwich, or some left over something that was frozen and just needs to be heated up.  We've been eating lightly and not well-rounded meals in terms of meat, starch, vegetables. Nothing sounds good....even though once it's in my mouth, it tastes pretty good.  I lost my taste buds the first few days, but after that, I could taste everything quite well.

I'm sure that before long we'll be back to our normal cooking/eating activities, but for now, it's kind of a catch-as-catch-can mode.  I think I'll weigh myself again today, and see if there's any encouragement on that scale. If so, maybe I can keep my appetite at bay, and continue to eat lighter meals, albeit more elaborate ones. We'll see.   Maybe I'll just toss the scale and give it no more thought.

Still...I'm not sure about feeding a cold.


  1. I never understood the logic behind that saying. I hope you are both fit as a fiddle soon. :)

  2. Hope your both feeling better soon..miss my blogger friend!!