Monday, February 6, 2012


The other day I wrote about taking Mom for a hearing test.  Now here's the rest of the story, which came to light as of today.

Before Christmas, Mom asked that I make an appointment for her with Dr. B.  I called, and, having never been to the office, I got directions to the office. We went there as scheduled, and were told that Mom's ears were impacted with wax, and would need to be cleaned before they could do the test, and to call after the cleaning was done. As life goes sometimes, we had delays because of Christmas, guests and sickness. Finally we got the appointment made for cleaning, and then I called for an appointment for the hearing test for as quickly after the cleaning as possible.  I finally found the phone number for Dr. B, and when I reached the doctor's office, she told me to come in right after the cleaning, and if no one filled the open spots that afternoon, we could have the test right then and there.

We went to the hearing test office, and were told that the doctor had gone to a meeting. Hmmm...I wondered why they hadn't called to let us know that in the morning, in order to save us a trip. Mom was annoyed that they hadn't, but we made an appointment for the next morning instead of fretting over the fact that they hadn't called.  When we got home late that afternoon, there was a message on my machine from the doctor's office, and I thought we'd all just misunderstood something along the line.

Oh yes...there was a misunderstanding alright.  It was all mine!  The long and short of it is this, which I found out when I got another phone call this morning.  It was Dr. B. She was the one Mom had told me to call originally....and she was the one who'd told me to come in on Thursday afternoon. BUT, she was NOT the one whose office we went any point!  The offices are both on the same street, and I thought I'd gone to the right place.  I should have had a clue when the doctor wasn't a woman, as Mom and I both thought she was to be seen by. The doctor didn't intruduce himself to us and didn't wear a name tag. So...the whole thing was an honest mistake! 

You should have heard the apologies I made to Dr.B this morning. She was wonderful and understanding. I didn't tell her that we have a new hearing aide on order. We'll just wait and see how the new one works out for Mom, and with the 30 day trial period and money back guarantee, if it is a bust, maybe then we'll get to the correct office and see Dr. B. !  I don't know though, I may not be able to see her face to face without wearing a real flush of embarrassment!

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  1. It was an honest mistake, even if a little embarrassing. But you'd think they'd keep better records than that and know they'd never heard of you before--LOL! ;) Not all your fault. I hope the hearing aides work okay. :)