Monday, February 20, 2012


This winter has been plagued with viruses and flu and cold symptoms, seemingly all over the country. I was down for about ten days in January, with some evil stomach virus. My mother had some version of it that lasted only a few days. Now my husband has come down with a wicked cold/flu.

He's drippy and barking like a seal. His head is full and heavy, and he's unable to concentrate or think straight. He drifts in and out of sleep and dozes in his chair during the day, and then sleeps until he's wracked with coughing at night. Poor thing, he's almost never sick, and I hate it when he gets sick.

He's not one of those men who whines and demands and wants me to wait on him when he's not feeling well. He's quieter, but that's about the only change I see. He continues to fuss in the kitchen, though he has no real appetite for food. (This goes to prove my theory that his appetite, in general, is more in his head than it is in his stomach!)  He's not cooking 'real' meals, as he usually does, but he's creating new things of left overs and eating them. As for me, I'm fending for myself with soup or tortillas or some other easy-cook meals. It doesn't matter much to me what I eat, so long as it's real food and the hunger is abated.

I've offered many times to make a big pot of garlic-y chicken soup, which I believe is the best medicine for any cold. So far, he doesn't seem interested in taking me up on it.  I wanted to go to the pharmacy yesterday to replenish our Nyquil products so he'd have something to alleviate some of his symptoms, but he wasn't enthusiastic about that either.

Well, I've decided to do both of those things today. If it's here, maybe he'll just eat the soup and take the medicines.  I think he was just trying to keep me from going out of my way for his sake.  As thoughtful as he is, I am just as stubborn. I will try to take care of him, despite his objections. I'm hoping I won't get this cold, but should symptoms show up, I'll be prepared!


  1. I hope he's better soon. Chicken soup would be good for him. ;)

  2. OH I can feel his pain! To relieve some of the pain have him lay his head on a heating pad..also take sinus/allergy medication..I found Advil allergy /sinus worked for me..
    Yes, the chicken soup helps too!!
    So many have or have had this sinus infection thing this year..:(
    Sending you both ~~HUGS~~ "D"

  3. K,Congrats on your "WIN" @ Joyful Chaos!!!