Wednesday, February 1, 2012


Wednesday?  Ok...who did what with the early days of this week? Sometimes the days just pass so fast that I can remember what I did yesterday.  In this case, however, I do remember....I went to have the taxes done.  I actually came home in good spirits afterward, as the taxes owed were less than I had envisioned! Yahoo!

I digress.  Not only have the days flown by, but so have the months!  It's already February first!  It seems like it was just like week or two ago that I was expecting pre-Christmas visits!  And it is nearly Springtime, without any real winter. (not that I'm complaining about that!)
On the visit from my eldest daughter, she brought me a stack of old pictures, some of which were copies of some I took myself.  There was my little curly-blonde granddaughter, at the age of about 18 months. I was stabbed with the missing of that baby, and I was also struck with the realization that the seventeen years since then just flew past me with lightening speed. 

Where does the time go?  There is no way to slow it down. Life just keeps moving, and with each year, seems to go more rapidly.  Each year brings its joys, its sorrows, its events, its what-ever-else.  We kind of roll with the punches, and do the best we can with each occurance. The racing of time does make an impact, though.

The other day I realized once more that we are getting older. That isn't real news, but it came home to roost again when one of our neighbors announced that he has been given his 'life's timeline' by his doctor. He has leukemia...and he and his wife have had to abandon one of their dreams, and make an adjustment to some others.  It caused me to immediately think that we should be doing all that we want to do within our financial boundaries, while we are healthy and young enough to do them.  Old age brings its own challenges, and we should live to the utmost before it steals our abilities. 

Time's a-wastin'.  We need live those dreams, exploring the world near and far, seeing all that we can...doing, doing, doing.  Life is too short to be sitting around.


  1. Yes! February already! Where did January go?
    I agree--do whatever you can right now. I unexpectedly became housebound in my early 50s! Life is to be lived right now. Right now is all you have, really. Like they say, don't live for tomorrow because tomorrow never comes. Enjoy!! :):)

  2. Oh I hear you..the days have flown by since last Friday when I woke up with an abcess wisdom tooth and severe pain...My nurse daughter arranged for me to get antibiotics and on the right path but still..the sleepless nights and PAIN...
    Tomorrow is Ground Hogs Day and I laughed as I took photo's of NO SNOW on the ground in Michigan 2012!!