Friday, March 30, 2012

A Letter...

Yesterday, as I do every now and again, I spent some time looking for new genealogy info on my family.  My great-grandmother was born and grew up on Nantucket, Massachusetts. It had been a while since I'd checked the Nantucket Historical Society website, so that's where I spent some of my time.

There's a good bit of on-line resource at that site, and you can search and even print from the site. I found pictures there some time ago of my Gr GrGrandparents grave stones. It's a rare day when I find something on that side of the family, and I really know little about my GrGrandmother and her family on the Island. A few details have been offered to me by my mother's generation, but those stories all took place after she'd married and moved to Long Island,NY.  It's thrilling to me to find each tidbit, to add to my scrapbook and to show my children.

So, yesterday I did a search of the Fisher name, and before long I found a letter, which I was able to view, and to print.  The woman was writing to her son, George, who'd gone off to California during the Gold Rush.The letter was written by Maria C. Fisher in 1849.  I knew that was my GrGr Grandmother's name. I might have wondered if the writer was my family member, had she not signed it as 'your affectionate father and mother, Henry B. and Maria C. Fisher!

I've been at this game of researching our families for more than twenty years now. Piece by piece, line by line, scrap by scrap I will find all that I can in order to put our story together. It never ceases to bore me, and I foresee yself continuing my investigation for years to come.


  1. I have been doing the same thing..In fact a few posts back where I stated I had rode along with son on the back country roads He was filming at the family cemetary..

  2. Wonderful ! Gotta love that ! Send me the letter please. I would love to read it.