Tuesday, March 20, 2012

What I Miss...

Most days, I'm extremely content to live here and be surrounded by all that I have been blessed with. There are days, though, when things creep into my thoughts...things that I miss seeing...or doing.

Back home, the ocean continues to roll in, stealing the sand from the shore, spraying salty mist into the air, luring souls to the beach with its song. I miss the sea...and this year, whether I get back to my old hometown or not, we will visit the coast of SC. Being a 'land-lubber' has it's drawbacks, and not seeing that enormous  wet vista is one of them.

This morning, though, I'm missing Lilacs.  We had five or six tall, wide bushes of them when we lived in East Hampton.  They were fragrant and lovely, and never disappointed us.  I miss walking out of the kitchen to the deck and seeing their welcome and smelling their fragrance.  Those variety of Lilacs won't survive the heat of the south, and in order to grow any, we'd have to be very careful in our choosing of the right ones.  It's time. I'll investigate, and then scour the nurseries ....I'm missing Lilacs, so I'll take whatever will grow here, and be grateful for them.

Hydrangea too. There are various ones that will grow heartily here, but I don't yet know which ones. I belive that I can find them...I've seen them in people's yards....large and bright blue, due to such acid soil as we have.  I will have to add those to my 'find' list. 

But, at this moment...I'm going to join my husband with our coffee on the patio, and decide just how we'll spend this 84 degree day.  See you soon!

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  1. Love both those plants. I hope you find appropriate ones that will grow for you. :)