Monday, March 5, 2012

Writing Therapy?

The other day, a blogger buddy mentioned many reasons for writing. One of them was for therapeutic reasons, and today I want to address that reason here.

When I was a young teenager, full of strange and new emotions, I began to write.  Sometimes things were flowery and about nature, sometimes silly crushes on some guy or another, other times they were rather philosophical.  Rarely did I allow anyone to read my words. I was shy about it then, and unsure of myself, my thoughts and my emotions.

As life carried me along through its ups and downs, I found that writing was a very therapeutic thing for me.  I could 'unload' on paper when I was frustrated. I could express fears and worries to this impersonal 'listener'.  I could share my joys and whatever other emotion I felt, and not look wildly insane!  Best of all, I could write all of my anger and annoyance in letters to the one who was irritating me, then burn it in my fireplace, without anyone ever knowing how very hurt or angry I'd been! Once things were out on paper, I could see what I needed to deal with, and figure out just how it should best be dealt with.

Therapeutic?  Yes, I definitely think writing is good for me and my well-being....even i.f  not one other human eye ever reads it.  I suggest that everyone give it a try.

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  1. I started writing when I was nine for similar reasons. I could vent and write around and around the issue until I could see it from a better perspective and figure out what the right thing to do was or just to be able to accept what is, you know? It was my safe place where I could kind of always find God's perspective, if that makes any sense. It probably helped keep me sane--LOL! I know it has helped me to be who I am today. I burned most of what I wrote over the years. Was just where I figured things out and decided what to do or not do...just for myself. :)
    I agree that it can be very therapeutic for many people.