Monday, April 2, 2012


We're not big movie theater buffs.  Oh! Please don't misunderstand....we love movies!  We just don't care to view them in the movie theaters.

My first complaint would be the price of entry.  While I recognize that films are created in order to make money, what they have cost to make is absurd...and what they are charging the public in order to recuperate their out lay, is painful to the pocketbook. Then you have the priviledge of purchasing snacks to munch on as you watch the expensive show.  Please don't attempt to take your own choices of goodies into the theater in your purse or knapsack. Instead, you're expected to buy dry (or greasy) popcorn and a sugary drink at the concession stand. The last time we went to the theater with friends, each ticket was $12 to get through the door, and not wanting anything in the way of a snack, we chose bottled water. We paid $4 for a small bottle!  Thirty-two dollars for two people to have a two-hour "good time" with a couple of friends?

For the cost of a 'high dollar' ticket, we get to sit for two plus hours in uncomfortable seats, shifting and wiggling to find a comfortable spot for a few minutes. We have our ears tortured by surround sound (or whatever they call it these days) at top volume. We are blasted with freezing temperatures where I have to bundle up in whatever outter wear is available or we feel as if we've entered a sauna.  All these things distract attention from what might be an excellent movie.

Sometimes we've left the theater with more than we took in with us. There are movie-goers who are not always considerate of others. Their chewing gum has been left somewhere that eventually ends up on the sole of a shoe. There's not much worse than trying to remove someone else's rejected gum from your own shoe!

Thankfully we have other ways to see the touted 'best films'. We rent them from the counters at the local grocery store,  or we wait for them to appear on t.v.  If we know that it's a great movie, such as 'The Help' is, we might purchase it for our own (currently small) collection.  We can enjoy these offerings in the coziness of our own favorite chair, at a comfortable temperature in the room, without ear drum-damaging volume, with our choice of snacks from the kitchen, with our friends or alone.  It's good for us!

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  1. I haven't been to a theater for so many years I can't remember. I think it was the second Matrix movie nine years ago with Dagan and Leah. I watch at home. You can put it on pause whenever you want, too. A couple dollars vs. $32.00=no contest!