Sunday, May 20, 2012

A New Start...

Happily, Sunday has arrived. It's a new beginning of a new week.  This past week was a blast of mixed emotions...from heartbreak to birthday joy, from tears to pride.  It was a week of an emotional roller coaster. I'm glad it's over.

Mother's Day was a good one, spent with my husband, Mom, my brother,  one daughter and two grandkids. But the van decided to make some weird noise that we felt needed to be looked into.

Monday passed without any thing to speak of except puffy eyes...the beginning of a horrendous bout of allergy-fighting.

Tuesday began with an early phone call with a daughter sobbing so badly I couldn't understand her.  Her story caused my soul to ache, my heart to feel as if it was shattered, and the day to be filled with my own tears and sobs.  When your child or your grandchild hurts, it's unbearable.  Prayers and more prayers were groaned, and cds of hymns were played. Comfort came on and off as I 'sang' the words in my head to the instrumentals. I was too upset to sing with my voice. It was a bleak day, for sure.

Wednesday morning was a bit better, but still not a care-free day.  The van went to our mechanic for a quick look, and a promise that he'd get the parts and fit us into the schedule so that we could, hopefully, get to our granddaughter's high school graduation in another state this coming week. So far, we've heard nothing, but our mechanic had some unknown medical procedures done on Friday, so perhaps he isn't well. If we can get to the ceremonies, we will. If not, it can't be helped.  A bright spot in the day was seeing how beautifully our vegetable garden is doing.  The zucchini has big blossoms, and we look forward to the offerings it will yield!

By Thursday, my eyes were glued together upon waking. The whites were raging red and the lids were pink and puffy.  I know from experience that this too shall pass, when the breezes stop blowing the offending pollen through the air. I stayed inside most of the day, placing warm compresses on my eyes and putting the drops into them. I took a Claritin, and made it through the day. I know that this is an uncomfortable waiting game.  Our grandson in Illinois graduated from high school on Thursday, and though we were not in attendance, there was a sense of pride in his accomplishments.

Friday was my youngest granddaughter's birthday. She is such a joy to our family....a real little comedienne with a spectacular vocabulary. Her current words are, among others, 'death defying', 'awkward' and 'perish'.  Though we couldn't be with her for her day, we will celebrate on our next visit.... soon after the van is fixed.

On Saturday we visited our neighbor who shares our backyard border. He is in the process of cleaning out his home, so he can sell it (or walk away from it). He plans to take off in a small motor home and see some of the country until he can no longer do so. His leukemia is moving the time line up rapidly, and he's anxious to live as much as he can, while he can.  It saddens us to know this...we like him, and don't want to lose him, or him as our neighbor.  He saw to it that an antique wooden ironing board and an old scale became my possessions.  Those will always remind me of him... and will be treasured. 

I'm naturally one who attempts to find something good in every minute. It's not always easy, but I know that everything is always 'fun and games' in life. I'm realistic enough to know that life brings both sad and happy moments....and flexible enough to roll with the punches. This week reminded me, again, that all things come and go in due time. Now...I hope these allergies will!

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  1. I can so relate to this post..last week was a very trying week of emotions here as well..we shall make it through...~~HUGS~~ Blessings