Monday, October 22, 2012

Time to Create...

It's about that time again...time for me to create.  What am I saying? It's always time for me to create!
But, looking at the calendar, I see that I'm way behind on making Christmas things. By this time, I've usually got piles of gifts, some even wrapped, some bought, others made by hand. It's mid-October, and generally my Christmas cards are made and ready for addressing. Not so, this year.

So, today I will put a pork roast into the oven, with some baked cinnamon apples, and I'll gather the glitter, the cardstock, the paint, the paper cutters, the glue, the ribbon,etc. I'll put on my 'creative thinking cap' and I will park myself in the sunroom. I'll play an instrumental Christmas cd, and I'll begin the creation of those cards to be sent to all the people on my list. I expect that I'll need to stoop to purchasing some for our church card exchange, for example. There are just too many now to make each one.  Especially this year, when I'm so late, I'll need to cut corners a little.

I wonder what inspirations will 'hit' me... or if any will at all!  Sometimes, all it takes is for me to sit down and begin. I guess I'd better start there.


  1. Hello Kathleen , Usually by this time of year the Grands gifts are ordered and starting to arrive for wrapping..not this year...My mind refuses to acknowledge that it's truly "Fall" ...I see gift cards as gifts for this year...Good Luck from Blessings @peace of mind