Monday, December 10, 2012

Where Does The Time Go?

Here it is...December 10 already!  It appears that I've not written an entry here since November 15. Where does the time go???

I look at the tiny Christmas tree in the kitchen. It's covered with little ornaments received in several ornament exchanges with an online group I've been apart of. We have 2 Christmas exchanges per year, one in July and one starting in November. We each make a handmade ornament, and duplicate it, sending it to a list of women who are doing the same for me. Each of us receives as many ornaments as those we've made.  It's great fun! No one knows who is making what until it arrives, and then we must keep silent, until everyone has received all their trinkets, at which time the organizer posts photos of everyone's treasures.  This year, most of the 8 ornaments which came were snowmen of some type!

December is always a busy time...we have five family members with birthdays this month. On top of all the Christmas business, we must shop and make time for those! This year, I've been aware that I'm busier than usual. Not only have I collected ideas from family members, I've had to pass them back and forth to others, in order that everyone knows what someone else is hoping for. I've done all of Mom's shopping this year, because it's difficult for her, ...and some for my brother too. Next year he'll have to dream up his own ideas and shop for them. I'm overwhelmed this year, and each year things get more difficult to spend time in the stores, even though I typically buy things throughout the year.
I'm feeling somewhat 'Grinchy' about it!  It's not Christmas, per se, but the extra activities I've taken on for those who can do it themselves, but don't want to. Well...I'll leave it at that.

We've had a few extra trips, out and about, because of dr visits and prescriptions. Sometimes there just seems to be too little time in a day  or in a month. I'm so far behind...and I'm not happy about that, but I know from the past that this is something I feel every year about now.  Important things always gets done, and what doesn't get done is not worth worrying about.

Christmas will soon be here and the family will gather here for our celebrations. It will all be over too soon, as most things do, because time just moves along whether we are ready or not.  I don't know where time goes, but it certainly does!

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  1. just keep plodding along ! that's what I do. :)