Tuesday, October 1, 2013


Suffice it to say, I'm not thrilled with certain types of creatures. Yeah, yeah....I know...."All creatures, great and small....the Lord God made them ALL. "  All that is GOOD, but I don't know if He had it in mind for us to like everything He made.  I do appreciate His creativity and diversity of His wonderful handiwork, however....I'm not a fan of some of His art. I liken it to my non-understanding of abstract art or rap 'music'. I just don't care for it, mostly.

In this case, I don't understand the need for flies. They are pesky little creatures who land without a thought on things like piles of dung, and directly go from there to a plate of food, with no consideration whatsoever for the one who was about to devour that food.  I also don't see why God chose to make mosquitos. Now, what earthly good can there be in an insect that buzzes in your ear and gnaws on your skin, causing it to erupt in an itchy, red bump.....or worse yet, that may cause you a deathly illness?!  Then there are fire ants. They are not your common picnic invader, they are tiny red versions with huge, invisible teeth that clench the nearest skin clad human body part with a vengence, leaving a burning, incredibly itchy area that lives on for days.  What's the point, I wonder?

I'm also not thrilled with spiders of any sort. I attempt to avoid those at all costs. There are certain ones of those who seem to be prone to penetrating the epidermis as well. Best to leave all of them to themselves. There are other insects that jump, fly or land, sting, bite or annoy. Thankfully, a fly swatter is a good weapon for most, but it does little about gnats or no-see-ums that seem to like to swim in whatever beverage I've just poured for myself. 

Ok...you have a point if you've said that most of the above have been created as a food source for some other of God's creation.  I get that, but why must this food source be so annoying to humans?

Insects was not even a thought when I began to write this peice. I had something else in mind.... reptiles. I'm not going to even enter the word for long, squiggly, cold-blooded things. Those, and even the thought of them, make my skin crawl.  But, here in the southeast, we have some other critters of reptilian descent....lizards. They don't usually bother me, except to scare me out of my flip flops when one streams silently past on the front porch.  Right now, though, I'm extremely bothered by the fact that a 6-7" blue one has made it's way into my sunroom, and I can't find it. I saw it....well, it's tail....as I entered the room yesterday afternoon. He's lucky he made it past me before my foot landed on him. I'm lucky too, because I think I'd have passed out.

So, until my Hero can catch this danged thing, I must share my favorite room with him. I'm not happy about it at all, but if there's any good that can come of it, maybe he will catch the gnats or other little insects that fly in whenever someone opens the door to the outside.  Or....maybe he's lying in wait somewhere so that when my husband exits to enjoy his coffee on the back steps, old Blue will dart for the open door! I'll bet he's no happier inside than I am to have him.


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