Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Photographs and Memories....

Jim Croce  sang that song which is playing through my mind right now.  Those two words inspired this entry today.

I've been a peruser/user  of Facebook for about four years now, I think. Mostly it has been a very pleasant experience, but for here and there some fierce words from someone or too much political opinion sent my way.  In such cases, I ignore for as long as possible, and/or eventually just cut them from the friends list.

All in all, I enjoy the interaction with people. I know most of them, but certainly not all of them. Some are childhood friends with whom I've reconnected, some are friends who've drifted with me through the calm seas  or swam with me through the waters in the raging storms. Some of the new friends are those who went to school with my non-computer user husband, and others are those I've met on various pages with similar interests.  I'm a people person, no doubt about it, and each of these on my list are those I really would call friends if we were in the same place at the same time.

Their comments and their stories are always a welcome sight. Even more pleasant are their photos. I love 'meeting' their families, seeing their life experiences, watching their children grow, watching their lives in photographs.  It's fun for me to rehash memories with the long-time friends and giggle together about the remembrances.  

I'm so glad for the social media, regardless of the negative comments and the occasional all out uncivil behavior of some.  
Overall....those photographs and memories make my day!


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  1. Life is what you make it, and so is Facebook ! LOL