Monday, February 23, 2009


Dreams are funny things...they come out of who-knows-where, and control themselves with little rhyme or reason.

Sometime in the dark hours of last night/this morning, I found myself in the LVIS thrift shop in East Hampton. I had found a suit...a red suit with a designer tag. I tried it on and it fit, but I needed a purse to match, so I went to the section where the pocketbooks were in search of the perfect bag. There on the shelf was a just-the-right color, just-the-perfect-sized clutch bag. It was rather heavy, so I found myself slinging the strap over my shoulder. (note that clutch type purses don't HAVE straps!) I next found myself, outside the store, with the purse, but not the suit.

Before I could figure out what was happening, I was at the home of a friend who lives in Florida. I've never visited this place, her new home, but I understand it's quite a show piece. In the dream, Marie's house was an estate, a huge and preposterous place. I was there, working as a babysitter! There was a sporty,red car in the driveway that was supposedly mine and in it was the red purse. Apparently I'd discovered, at some point, the reason for it being so heavy. It was full with personal items, wallet, money, and the usual stuff women deem necessary to carry everywhere.

Throughout the dream I was plagued with the idea that I must get this purse back to its rightful owner. And then the thought came to me that my own bag was among the missing. Oh no! I'd have to go through replacing all of the identification papers, I might lose my checkbook and money to whomever had it now. I was being tortured in my sleep! Finally I spoke to Marie's husband and told him that I must get that red clutch purse back to it's owner. He made arrangements, and as luck would have it, when I returned the red purse, I automatically received my own, with no problems.

That's when I awoke. I am not one who believes much in 'dream interpretations', but this time I knew the feeling that 'when you do the right thing, you will be rewarded.'

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