Monday, February 23, 2009

Organization..I hate that "O" word!

Why can't it just happen? Why can't things just make their way to their own special place, without my help? I need to get organized...but it's not my strong suit, and I'm not particularly apt to forcing myself to find a home for these things that need their own place to be.

I have to admit that, in this my 6th decade of life, I have gotten better about putting things where they belong. I certainly spend far more time THINKING about where they'd be best put, anyway. It also helps to have a new, larger home, with a room dedicated to my craft items. (read between the lines and see that what I'm really saying is that this is one gigantic 'closet' where my craft items are, in all their disarray.) I actually use these items, but in a different room...either in front of some silly chic flick or court TV...or at the 5 foot square dining table.

Like another blogger, my surfaces tend to 'collect' piles of things....mail that has been sorted, read, and should then be filed either in the circular file or an actual cabinet made for the purpose, unread magazines with articles which are being saved for 'quiet' time, get the picture.
I've been known to repeat many times over the years that the surfaces in our home ought to be on a slant so that they can't hold anything!

I have to force myself to fold the laundry. I don't know why it's such a big chore, but I hate doing it. Good grief! The machines wash and dry them, why can't I fold them without such an effort. In reality, I just make more work for myself (ie: ironing!) because I don't do it immediately. I'll have to work on that.

One of my daughters always used to come home and say, "Mom, I'll help you get this organized if you want me to." No, I didn't want her to, thank you very much. I HATE for someone else to get into my stuff! They have a different idea of what's worth keeping and what isn't. Another of my girls says, "Mom, you have too much *x%t !" Maybe...but it's mine, so keep your mitts off!

When we got ready to move from that house to this one,9 states away, my packrat husband and this recycler/crafter/saver/ wife of his had to make some choices. We did clean out ...not that anyone else would notice, but we did! Still...we have too much. Other packrats, crafters and recyclers would understand us, but most people don't. There really are good uses for old mayonnaise jars and coffee cans! We put all of our dry pantry goods in the jars, and use the cans for nails, screws, etc for the shop area. By the way, a skein of yarn in a coffee can, with a hole for the strand of yarn in the plastic top, keeps the skein free to unravel as you will, rather than rolling around the floor . Oh well...some people will never understand that sort of thing.

Anyway, Spring is coming. I can feel it in the air. I can see it in the blooming Jonquils and hear it in the songs of the returning birds. And yes, I hear my heart scolding...'Get organized....get organized...get organized." I HATE that 'O' word!

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