Thursday, October 1, 2009

Here It Comes...

Look she comes! October, in all it's blazing glory! The colors of Autumn are brilliant in October. I think that no other month provides so much in the way of a sensual experience. We are treated to glistening dew on the morning grass, vivid landscapes of gold and red, brown and yellow.

Much is still green here in the south, but with the unfolding of October, there will soon be leaves turning and lawns browning. I look forward to a walk in the woods, with the crunching of crisp leaves underfoot and the bite of a brisk wind on my cheeks.

How I love this month, when the woodsmoke rises on the evening air! The smell of burning leaves or fireplaces that take the chill from the room causes a sort of 'coziness' to settle over me.
Why it comforts me to smell that smoke, I cannot tell you, but it does.

The Canadian geese pass overhead, with a whir of sound in their wings. Their unmistakable 'honk' as they fly past, is almost as if to say, 'Get out of my way, please. I'm on a mission. Fall is here, and I must be off to other places.' Likewise, other birds begin to vacate. Today the birdbath is filled with a little family of Carolina Bluebirds, but soon, they will be gone. The Finches have already disappeared, but the Cardinals are faithful to remain, along with the Mockingbirds.

Fall's arrival brings a yen for the foods of the Autumn. When planning meals, we naturally seem to gravitate toward the 'heavier ' items, such as squashes and meatloaf, roasts and root vegetables. We no longer think 'cool and light', and salads are replaced by thick, hot soups and stews with warm breads and biscuits. Sweet potatoes and whatever fresh produce we can get at the farm stands are in abundance in October, and we scour the cookbooks for new recipes. This is the time of year when the desire to cook and to bake fills me like no other season does.

The calendar shows full days for the next three, holidays, visits, family. I must think of Christmas and the variety of gifts to prepare. But not today. Today I revel in what October brings to me. I will honor the month as she comes with all her pleasantries and generosity, and I will be still and enjoy her company while she visits.

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