Friday, October 2, 2009

Projects, Projects, Projects...

I can't help myself. I just have to keep my hands busy with projects, and let me tell you, I currently have a few dozen in the works.

In the throes of getting our house back together after our August flood, there's plenty to do. Let's face it, painting walls and trimwork, replacing furniture and hanging pictures can add only so much entertainment to your life. I am enjoying our 'new look', though, and the work is well worth it. There is a certain degree of 'creativity' involved in refurbishing after a calamity, but it gets old fast.

I'm one that has to create something that feels like fun, not work. So, my brain is as busy as my hands are. Since October is presenting me with many opportunities to create cards, I've been stealing my sleepless, pre-dawn hours while my husband snores, and I've been devoting that time to the birthday and 'thinking of you' cards I'll need to send. At the end of the month, I'll be hosting a church women's group, so I've been stamping colored leaves on fall colored paper for placemats and on small brown bags which will hold 'goodies' for the ladies to take home. Since the theme of the evening is the scripture verse, 'I will never leave you nor forsake you. Heb. 13:5', I've written the verse on each of the bags.

Christmas is rapidly approaching, and generally I'm nearly finished with shopping for gifts. Not this year. I do have a few, but my plans for making gifts were diverted by the rush of water through the house in Aug. By now I should have a good start on my handmade Christmas cards, and I haven't even begun. Well, there's always November.

The gardens look like patches of dying weeds. They look like that because that's what they are!
They need to be cleaned out and mulched for the winter. I fear that they may remain that way 'til Spring, when the new weeds show up and will be pulled. Well, weeds are pretty in their own right, I guess. Dead ones leave something to be desired, however.

I fully intend to honor my daughter's request to create a mermaid costume for her six year old. Ok. "I can do that" I answered, when she asked. It is my usual response. the trouble is, I have not yet received my request of an outline of Selah's body, and I've not yet worked out what the design will be and how to accomplish a tale. The fabric waits in the craft room, but that's as far as it's gotten.

The shed should be painted too, before it soaks up too much rain. That isn't so much my project as it is my husband's, but I will help him with it in order to get it done. (Sometimes my hardest part of a job is getting an electric cattle prod to get him moving. He does a great job once he gets past the procrastination!)

I have a billion other things I'd like to do and things that need to be put on the 'honey do' list, but I think I need to put the brakes to the churning wheels in my head, and get these things accomplished before starting any more.

On, now, to do some stamping on placemats.

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