Wednesday, April 21, 2010

I'm Hooked

Wasn't it I who said, "I'll never have a computer!" ? Wasn't it I who could not figure out what was so exciting about video games? Wasn't it I who was so against sitting in front of a keyboard of a screen wasting hours and hours and hours? Yes, I'll admit was I.

These days I do have a computer, in fact I think since I bought my first one in 1996, I've had either four or five of them. I have discovered great joy in computer word games, especially one called Word Builder. If that was the only thing I did on the computer to waste time, it would still be too much time spent. The thing is, it isn't the only thing I do on my laptop. I write emails, and visit with friends via Facebook. I do genealogy research, I write and read blogs, I do a weekly devotional entry for my neighbors church, I check scrapbook and craft sites, I explore decorating options, and I hunt for travel attractions and accommodations. I look up phone numbers for contractors and friends. Honestly, I could spend all day at the keyboard. I usually don't, but there are those days when it's cold and nasty outside, and I'm just not inspired to do any crafting ...or housework.... and before I know it, it's almost dinner time!

I'll fess up. I'm hooked. Hooked up to the world, hooked on the danged information highway. I've got to blame someone, so I'll blame it on all my friends who have gone out to work, leaving me home alone with nary a gal pal in sight to chat with. So...what's a woman to do? Talk to daughters and far away friends via the net, rather than the phone. Being a multi-tasker, it allows me the freedom to chat while I look at pictures or play a game while waiting for slow typists to respond to my statements.

Well, the day is rapidly getting away from me, so I'll close the lid on my little laptop and see if I can find a human to talk to while he rests on the front porch. Believe it or not, I'm much more addicted to him than I am this little black box.

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