Sunday, April 11, 2010

Spring Songs

She often writes my thoughts...or at least, inspires some. Today she wrote about the 'humming' of Springtime as the world revs up their machines for mowing and blowing, lawn vacuuming and wood chipping. Ahhhh yes...the songs of Spring.

Here in our neighborhood, you can tell it's the weekend in Springtime. All of those John Deere motors are running, as well as a few others. We've got a lot of teenaged boys in our area, and when the weather breaks, they come away from their inside video games and computers, and they bring out the remote controlled cars and the four-wheelers and the motorized dirt bikes. The air-field across the tree line is alive with activity as the model planes soar and dive into the blue skies.

I've got to say that I notice the noise, but it isn't really bothersome. I've always had a knack for sorting sounds, and when I'm outside, sitting on the porch, I seem to naturally separate the natural from the man-made songs. I hear the birds twittering and screeching. I hear the dogs barking at the high pitched motors, I hear the 'dumble' bees. (we call those huge bumble bees that nickname because they are always flying into the porch railing or the house.) I hear the children laughing, or the toddler screaming because he's not allowed to follow the remote controlled car on the street.

At dusk, the activities of the neighbor hide behind the walls of each home, and the world becomes still. The whippoorwill sings and the crickets and cicadas click, but those are the sweet songs of Springtime that bring a peace to the heart in the evening. I think it's my second favorite chorus...the first being the early hours of a quiet morning.

On second thought, maybe those sounds of mowers and blowers and lawn vacs and chippers are bothersome to my ears.

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