Wednesday, September 1, 2010

It's All About Appearances

They say you can never go home again. Since I've moved from East Hampton nearly four years ago, I've been back twice. Even in such a short time, we noticed that there were many changes made in our absence. But one thing hasn't changed.
The absolute beauty of my birthplace.

There are many behind the scenes who work invisibly as individuals to keep the visible up to some very real standards. The Village and Town Zoning Boards meet and discuss issues relating to the integrity of the area in terms of buildings and signs, and many other things that I'm sure I would see if changes were allowed in their appearances. The LVIS, too, who work hard to keep things well in hand around the Village...the gardens, the flower boxes, all the 'pretties' that are enjoyed. The Village and the EH Town Hwy Departments work incessantly to keep up with the roads, the growth along the roadsides, the pruning of trees, the sweeping of streets while we sleep, the plowing of snows in season, the removal of leaves and brush, and so much more.

So many work so hard that visitors and residents alike might enjoy the famous and historic area that is now dubbed 'the Hamptons.' Tourists come and tourists go, and they return once again. Why? Some of the reason, I believe, is the beauty found at the end of Eastern Long Island. Nature has blessed the area with large shade trees, ponds, soft, sandy beaches, and clean bodies of water in which to play. History has played out on the turf, and some are drawn to that. Others come for the status be able to say, "I own a place in the Hamptons", with little else on their minds. Natives stay, despite their rising annoyances with some of the tourist crowds, because it is their beloved hometown, and they don't want to leave. Other natives leave, due to their elevated annoyances, or because of the costs of staying in such a high priced area.

Regardless of whether one stays forever or comes and goes from East Hampton, I think we'd all agree on one thing....there's not another place in the universe that could hold a candle to the beauty of the town of East Hampton.

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