Saturday, May 21, 2011

May 21, 2011...Judgment Day???

Pastor Camping, in California, has been broadcasting on TV and a number of radio stations that today will be the day that the world comes to an end.  If you are reading should know that I've actually written it on Friday, the 20th.  I figured I'd better not take any chances, you know. What if he's right?  (I ask that with tongue in cheek.)

Yesterday I posted on Facebook that since the world was going to end on Saturday, I had only one day and a few hours to spend my children's inheritance.  I knew that would inspire them to respond...and respond they did!  One of them said that I should, instead of shopping, head for the nearest Fed Ex office and send her share out so that she  could spend it before the end came.  Another told me to send hers because she has bills to pay. Another answered by saying that if the end came, there'd be no bills to pay.  Do I know how to prompt a conversation among the siblings, or what? Just mention money.

Actually, there's quite a bit of conversation being generated by this idea of  things ending on Saturday.  Some, most I'd venture to guess, think that Pastor Camping is off his rocker.  I don't think that, exactly, but I do think his conclusion is incorrect.  People of every religious, or non-religious, persuasion seem to have an opinion on the matter.  I'm curious to see how many will head for the hills, or to some 'special' spot to escape (?) or hide (?) or get aboard that 'glory train.'
No matter what happens, no matter what people think or do in light of this 'prophecy', I believe that we haven't heard the end of it.

What will the headlines read on Sunday?  "STILL HERE!!"  or maybe "MILLIONS DISAPPEAR!!!"  or "PASTOR'S PROPHESY FULFILLED" ?   I believe we'll read something on Sunday, and I have no fear that we'll be reading from any place other than our own, comfortable homes.   What do you think? 

I guess we'll have to just wait and see, won't we? 


  1. Hi, though I am aware of the "ZANY" Judgement Day fiasco..What I find Brillant is the "ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE" crusade, to get people aware of prepping for an emergency! This choice of name is 'Genuis" as it has brought the younger generations to read how and what they should have on hand for an emergency..
    We're still alive in Michigan!

  2. Maybe he never read in his Bible that no one, not the angels in heaven, or even the Son know when the end will come.

    I will keep on looking forward to the day of our Lord, and rest in the knowledge everything will be okay even if we don't know the day or the hour when it happens.


  3. I pay no attention to doomsayers. Doesn't matter to me if I go today or not. I'm as ready as I'll probably ever be--every day. At least I try like heck to live my life that way, anyways. No one is supposed to know, not even the angels in heaven. I think Pastor Camping has ego issues. ;)