Thursday, June 30, 2011


Why do I do this so often?  I go shopping for something to wear... find it on the rack, purchase it, and when I get it home, it's ill-fitting or looks wrong, or something that makes me hate it.  So, back I go to the store to return it for a refund or for an exchange. The reason is  because I despise trying things on in the dressing rooms!

I'm lazy, I guess. I don't like to undress, try on, undress and redress in a tiny box with lying mirrors!  I'd rather take it home, try it on before  my own lying  mirrors and get an honest opinion from my husband about how it looks.  The trouble is, he's a very cautious (and wise) man with his honest comments. He knows that if I've bought the item, I obviously like it. He doesn't want to be negative, even if it's honest, if he thinks I might want to keep it.  But, I've learned that if I am make all the negative comments, he'll either question me about why I say that, because 'it's really pretty' or 'it looks nice on you'....or he'll say, "It's up to you, Love."  Very honest....very cautious... and no help at all!  I always know though, if he really likes something, from his "Whooo,
look at YOU!"  or "Wow!"

So, here I go again today....back to the store to return something. I didn't even ask my husband about this one, as it's easy to know when something is too large. The lying mirrors had a moment of  clarity and made sure that I knew that my ample chest was not ample enough to fill the space in that area of the dress.  Though I could do a few nips and tucks in the fabric in spots, I am not going to do that. Instead I'm going to take my by-now-all-too-familiar face to the return counter and hope that there's someone new working the area! This is getting embarressing!

At least I'm not spending double gas mileage just  to return something that I probably shouldn't have bought anyway. Not today.  I've also got some errands to do, so I'll get those out of the way, and pop in to Michael's for something I need for the Christmas ornament exchange. I'm going to hold on to those returned dollars tightly, because Michael's or Hobby Lobby is my version of the den of iniquity!  Pure temptation at every turn, on every aisle. I must focus....get what I need and get OUT of there!

I will remind myself of these things the next time I don't feel like trying things on in the dressing room. I will look myself square in the eye in the lying mirrors, and I will say, 'Just think of the money you can save by trying on instead of  spending extra gas to make a second trip. You can avoid going to the den of inquity and overspending there.  You will not buy what you don't need! Actually...if you try on, you'll find something you really are happy with right here, today...and you can spend a little more on jewelry or shoes to go with it. You'll still end up saving money!"

Oh, the tricks we play....


  1. Girlfriend! I am guilty as charged...why do I buy and not try it on...sigh..and worse ...why is there not universal sizing in clothing and shoes...and craftsmanship ... oh dear...don't get me started...
    have a happy weekend

  2. So funny! There are a lot of us who hate to try on clothes in those dressing rooms, I guess. ;) And Michael's, Hobby Lobby, JoAnns, and our local craft store here are all dangerous places filled with temptations--LOL!