Friday, July 1, 2011


It's inevitable. Wherever there are animals, there is bound to be 'roadkill'.  When we lived in East Hampton, it was generally deer that I saw, as they were so prolific. Sometimes there would be an occasional squirrel or cat or dog.

Here in SC, there are more critters around.  We cannot drive the country roads without finding at last one victim of a motorized vehicle. There are deer, cats,dogs, snakes, fox, racoons, opossum and that odiferous cutie, skunks!   Just driving the 9 miles to our grocery store the other day, I was blessed to pass two of those dead polecats who filled my car with the unmistakeable 'perfume.'

It saddens me to see these cadavers lying there after meeting their fate. I like animals (not necessarily skunks...but they really are cute!) I find myself shuddering with squeamishness as I pass by. More than the sight of them, I despise the smell of them!  And, I think, more than that, I hate seeing the vultures as they gather for their feast.

I haven't much more to say on this subject...and I'll bet you're glad it's come to an end, aren't you?  Well, this is part of country living and it was on my mind....but I do apologize if I've 'grossed you out.' I'll come up with something more pleasant tomorrow, I promise.


  1. "singing tunefully" Dead skunk in the middle of the road... dead skunk in the middle of the road... smelling to high heaven.....

  2. I had a pet skunk when I was a teenager. De-scented, of course. He was the sweetest thing!! That is a horrible smell but, because I have loved and cuddled one, it doubly breaks my heart to see one dead on the road. They are so guileless and nearsighted and meandering--easy roadkill. :(

    I ran over a rabbit once. :( I always feel badly for the animals killed on the roadways, too. Up here we have more eagles and crows scavenging. All part of life, I guess.

  3. The worst place for roadkill that we are familiar with is south central Missouri. Yuckity, yuck, yuck! There were scores of dead armadillos, skunk, oppossum, squirrels, and rabbits littering the roads. You could expect to see at least one, most times more for every mile of road you traveled in that area. Can you tell I don't miss living there?