Monday, July 11, 2011

Computer Friendships

Sometimes you meet someone and you just know after sharing a few words that you'll be friends. Sometimes it's because they are interesting people who are very different from yourself and you just need to know more.  Sometimes it's quite the opposite, and it's the same interests that draw you together.  I guess it's really hard to say what actually brings people together.

In this world of technology, there are many 'meetings' that take place across the miles. Perhaps it's an internet 'anonymity' that makes one feel safe enought to reveal things that would be kept more private if one met face to face.  Some of those 'meetings' develop into eventual marriages. I, for one, am skeptical of that sort of thing...not that I, personally, am in any danger. I'm happily ensconced in a loving and secure marriage, but I have friends who have found 'significant others' with the use of the computer.

My only interest in friendships on-line is just that...friendship. It's a modern version of the old-fashioned 'pen-pal.'  I've 'met' several very nice people with whom I correspond, and some that I've actually met face to face after more than a year of writing multi-emails daily.  I've met them through gardening groups, geneaology groups and decorating groups. I've met ladies of like-mindedness through on line Bible groups. I've collected new folks who follow blogs that interest me as well. The social networking site, Facebook, has been instrumental in my connecting with people from my hometown, no matter where any of us find ourselves situated these days.  I didn't know them 'back home' necessarily, but I knew someone who knew them. There are some relatives who were not in my circle of friends at home who are now much better acquainted with me and vice versa.  I think, as long as one is cautious, you can make some life-long friendships.

I love mail, and I love people too. The computer has allowed me the best of both possible worlds.


  1. Yes,I 've reconnected and connected on Facebook as well. I take everything I read on there with a grain though. One must be aware of imposters.

  2. I've met wonderful people from other parts of the world I never would have known. :)

  3. I really enjoy meeting people through blogs , sharing different parts of the world...I like to find the like-minded you stated pen-pals of sorts..I already have a wonderful Hubby and not sure even if I didn't I would go that far over the internet...each there own I guess...
    Hope that PC gets fixed soon!