Saturday, July 9, 2011

Things ....

you may not know about me and probably don't care much about either!

Sometimes, but rarely, I'm silent.  Usually, I have lots to say.

I'm quite opinionated, but I always give others the option of having their own opinions.

I love to grow things....except the 'age spot' stuff that I seem to have inherited from some who came before me. They are not cancerous or even dangerous,according to my doctor...just ugly, sort-of wart-like spots.

Decorating is one of my interests.  Crafting is THE major one, though....and I fluctuate between the many options of crafting. Currently, it's card making and scrapbooking.

I am the family-history keeper and explorer, and I get very excited over new findings.

Once, when I was in grade school, I played the lead part in the play, "The Little Match Girl."  While reading the part, I read her description as 'bed raggled' rather than BEdraggled.

Once, much later, I wrote a play for our church Christmas production, from the book, "The Best Christmas Pageant Ever."  It was such fun, and the kids all did a wonderful job!  I might like to do that again sometime.

I used to bite my I don't. Right now my nails are healthy, all the same length, and are too long at 3/4" past the end of my fingers.  They are in the way, but I'm kind of curious to see how long they will grow.

Heat and cold temperatures are more extreme to me than to most people. I seem to be more sensitive, 'freezing' at a higher temperature  and feeling the heat at a lower one than most. All this since the 'change' hit me in my 40's.

Thrift shops and yard sales draw me like a magnet, though I've behaved myself very well for the last few years.  Antiques are even more appealing to me, especially rustic ones.  I wish I had the option of rummaging through people's old barns and attics, but so far, I haven't found that!

I'd like to have a swimming pool...even if just a lap pool...but we don't need the expense...or the work.

I like paper dolls....and like to make my own. I wish my granddaughters enjoyed them more, but that's an old-fashioned idea, and these techno-age kids aren't much enthused about them.

I'm flexible....but I am pretty stubborn too.

In late grade school, a teacher told me that I had very nice cursive handwriting. She suggested that my letters were well-done, but that it would be even better if I practiced my slant, as I seemed to have no particular choice about how the letters sat on the lines.  I worked hard on it until I managed to find my comfortable slant.

It paid off,too, because in high school I was asked to write the hand-written menus for the Hedges Inn, and upscale restaurant/inn....and I was paid for it.

I also was paid to type the manuscript for a booklet by Ferris Talmage about the small hamlet of the Springs, in East Hampton.  There was no mention of my name in the booklet section where credits and thanks were given, so I can't prove that I did it...but yes, I did it.

I was at the Shea Stadium Beatles concert....far up in the mezzanine. I'd have seen them better if I'd stayed home and watched it on TV, but that's ok. I was there...I watched history made! I couldn't HEAR it at all, but.... know.

I'm thinking that's enough for you today!  Hopefully I'll find something interesting to write about tomorrow!


  1. thank you for sharing about yourself
    I would love to be able share more of myself on my blog...but..I have drew a line in the sand with my family and they read my blog..only one word for it is dysfunctional family.. sigh

  2. I notice more sensitivity to heat since menopause. I used to be the one people asked," how on earth can you still be wearing a turtleneck? Aren't you roasting!" Now I'm melting and they're telling me, "it's not even hot!" The cold doesn't bother me though. (Thank goodness when you like in North Dakota--LOL!)

    I loved the Beatles, but I always hated crowds--especially screaming crowds. So cool to be able to say you were there, tho. Kind of like the folks who actually went to Woodstock. :)

    This was fun to learn more about you. :):)