Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Looking For A Sign

Whenever I'm in the car, I look at the signs in front of churches.  Some of them are humorous, some are serious, some are double intendres. All of them catch my interest.

In the dreadful heat of this summer, I saw a sign that read, " If you think it's hot here, you don't want to try Hell."  Well, no, I sure don't, and years ago, I made sure that Hades wouldn't be my permanent resting place! Another on the same subject said, "Stop, Drop and Roll" won't work in Hell.  Now, those are what I call 'heavy' messages, and serious ones, at that.  Hell-fire for all eternity is not my idea of a joke.

A sign, relating to the fierce heat of our area, gave me a chuckle. It said, "Come inside. Our church is 'prayer conditioned.'   Cute, and hopefully, true!  Another let me know that, "God answers Knee Mail".
And then, there are those that use abbreviations, followed by meanings, such as "ATM inside...Atonement, Truth and Mercy."   Another says, "P,U.S.H... Pray Until Something Happens."

There are various other messages pinned up on the signs outside of the churches everywhere.  I'm sure they strike people in the same ways people do when they hear a verbal message.  If they have a sense of humor, they will smile or laugh at the comical. If they are very serious, they will relate more to the less funny words. If they are hard-hearted folks, they won't want to respond at all, or at least not in a positive manner.  I guess, some of us will allow the opinions and messages of others to affect us  and  others will not.

As for me, I'm always looking for a sign.


  1. I also love reading the signs...but more important is waiting and listening for a sign..
    ~~Peace & Love~~

  2. sign,sign,everywhere a sign
    do this,don't do that
    can't you read the sign !

    I love signs !