Tuesday, August 16, 2011

The Man Clan

When we moved here, there were a number of guys in the neighborhood who would come by whenever they'd see Mike in the yard or on the front porch. He couldn't get a lot done, if he was attempting to shovel or rake or weed or mow. Mike was brought up to believe that you should look at someone when they are speaking to you, and pay attention, so if someone stopped by, the work stopped.

It wasn't long before I pinned a nickname on these buddies. "The Man Clan" is what I called them. Sometimes they'd sit on the porch for hours with Mike, chattering and laughing. As frustrating as it was that our landscaping wasn't getting done, I was glad that the guys were getting to know Mike and he was making new friends. You know how it is...when a new person moves into the neighborhood, everyone is curious about them.  In a subdivision that's brand new, noone knows anyone, so they make a point of trying to get to know their neighbors, at least that's how it happened here. Things have settled down a bit, and the neighborhood has had some changes. Some people have already moved out, due to loss of job or other changes in their lives. New people have moved in, but the newness has worn off. The Man Clan has slimmed down to a few and their visits are less often than they were, with each of them settled into their own life's business and work.

This morning some of these guys are off to have breakfast together. Every now and then, I wish I could be a fly on the wall!  What do they talk about? Do they gripe about us wives, or maybe they praise us? Or do they talk about other people in the neighborhood? Sports?  What do guys talk about?!  I try to disappear when one of them is around, other than to say a few words of greeting. After all, guys need their time together, just as women do. Sometimes when there's one of them on the porch, I'll hear them comparing recipes like two old women! They sometimes rib each other about something. Sometimes they are seriously discussing politics or a show on the history channel or some local news story.  Depending upon who it is, there might be the tossing back and forth of military experiences.   I guess that's what they talk about...'guy stuff.'

I hope The Man Clan will enjoy themselves this morning. It's a good break for them from their routine lives of family and work. I tease them all about their comradarie, but they know that I'm just razzing them. I'm really blessed that they have each other.... just as I am to have the women friends I've made.

It all comes down to this, people need people  whether the relationship is called family, friends, acquaintances or 'The Man Clan."


  1. Agree: It all comes down to this, people need people whether the relationship is called family, friends, acquaintances or 'The Man Clan."
    ~~ Peace & Love~~

  2. difference is; men don't gossip,we discuss
    and we only talk the important stuff in life !

  3. Ben....oh, tell me another! LOL