Monday, August 15, 2011


My blogger friend at  Blessing the Elements invited us to blog about something for which we have Gratitude. If you are interested in her blogs, see my followers and click on the one which says 'Blessings of a Wildflower" as her name on the picture. It'll carry you to her blog.  Here is my offering:

Is my heart full of gratitude? For sure!   'Why?' you might ask. I can tell you, quickly...and with certainty, if you've got a moment.

I am flooded with gratitude when I think about the fact that I am alive and well. Years ago I was sick, for nearly a year, and no tests results had a cause for it. To this day the only thing they've come up with was 'you must have had a pelvic infection, at some point, leaving the web of scar tissue that caused you such abdominal pain."  I've learned to live with the unknown cause and the vague diagnosis.

But, because of all that testing and mystery of cause, I saw one doctor after another, finally seeing another gynocolgist who took a fecal testing. Never before had I had the painless test, but I'm glad this doctor did it. I had occult blood in the sample.  From there, I was sent to a proctologist for a discussion and a scheduling of a colonoscopy. (yeah, I know...such fun.)  Actually, the prep drink was the worst part of it, and the test was a breeze, sleeping through the procedure, and waking a short time later with no after effects.  The doctor's news wasn't wonderful, however. I'd had a couple of  polyps, which were removed and one was sent for biopsy. It looked as if there was a small, new cancer growing on one of them.  When the word came back, that was exactly what happened.

It wasn't a problem. It was so new that it hadn't had a chance to grow into the intestine or cause any trouble. With the polyp removed, it wouldn't cause me any, but I was told to be diligent in having routine colonoscopies in the future.  So,  another appointment was made for three years later. That one came up free of any growths of any kind.

Since then, I have followed Dr.'s orders and have had my colon scoped on schedule when they tell me I should. If no polyps are found, it's every 5 years. If there are polyps, they are removed, and I return in three years.  All is well in that area, and there's been no more cancer scares.

So, I have a heartful of flowing gratitude. I am grateful for the year of abdominal pain, because it led me from doctor to doctor, until I had a test that saved my life.  I am grateful for the medical technology, invasive and otherwise that finds and saves lives.I am thankful for the prayers of many friends who took my name and my mysterious ailment before the Throne of Grace.  I am grateful that God watched over me and kept me safe, and I am thankful that I am here to tell you this story, so that you,too, might heed a warning and have your testing done. I am grateful that you are reading this, and hopeful that you will run, and not walk, to your telephone to arrange for your appointment. The life you save may be your own!

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  1. Kathleen, thank you for sharing your gratitude post..Blessings in disguise, is what I call the health issues / scare you had...
    Thank You friend for sharing
    ~~Peace & Love~~