Monday, October 17, 2011


Allllllllllllllrighty then...I won't make the apple pie and cookies I'd planned to make today. I can't very well bake without an oven, can I?  The element burned out in the oven the other night. We got through the weekend, though...and will order a new element today.

I've got so much to do, I think my head is spinning with ideas.  Some have time limits, so those should be taken care of first, I suppose, even if my attentions are diverted by things I'd rather do. As my granddaughter sings every now and then, "You can't always get what you wa-aant". True.

So...where shall I start on the many time limited chores?  I have trouble looking at things in small pictures. If I have a mess to clean up, I know the thing to do is to start in one spot, and keep going until the full job is done, but I have a problem doing that. I look at the whole pile of stuff, for instance, and see how much there is to put away, and am prone to walk off and do something else.  I wonder if I'm ADD undiagnosed.   Naaaah...I can focus...I just prefer not to do those jobs that require a lot of time, I guess. that I've let another secret about me out of the bag, I'm going to divert my attentions from this computer to the pile of stuff I've collected on the coffee and end tables.  Time to neaten this place up...and then....I'll start one of the time-limited chores. 



  1. You need to watch this--LOLOL!

  2. When your done with your home, can ya come help do mine? Coffee is, thank you for your comment..The funeral (s) are tomorrow,once we get Jayden and ourselves through that part..we can all grieve..Thank You from the bottom of my never met, but would love to friend..
    ~Peace & Love & Healing & Blessings~~ to us all