Wednesday, October 23, 2013

A Sharetown Story

There once was a peaceful little town that sat at the edge of the sea. The salt air smelled fresh and clean. The sun shone bright and danced on the surface of the water. The sky was bright blue, without a cloud. Flowers bloomed in brilliant colors. It was a happy place.

The residents of  the small township of Sharetown were friendly and cordial. They smiled as they met in passing. They waved at the folks going past their homes and they spoke kindly to one another. They met together often, sharing stories and spinning their yarns.  All lived in harmony in their quiet little town, sharing what they had with one another. 

One day something strange happened. The sky was still blue, but there were some gray spots that floated against the backdrop, casting shadows on the earth below. The town folk watched to see what this was all about.  Soon, there were more spots, and the sky was over taken with gray. There were no longer shadows.  The people looked at one another, wondering what this new thing was. Very soon, they knew.

A stranger had entered the area. He had a loud, booming voice. He looked like a dragon and his name was EGO. He belched smoke from his mouth, and with every puff of smoke, color was stolen from the town. The town looked as if a big fog had rolled in off the sea.  At first the people tried to be friendly to the stranger, but he took the spinning wheels from them and spun yarns of his own.... long, bland, colorless threads.  They tried to deal with him, but he would not have it. He came in and out of the town whenever he chose to, and when he was there,  the people hid on him. They  went into their homes and lived their lives, always aware that the dragon was around. They met in each others homes and secret rooms, trying to come up with a plan that would allow harmony and peace to return to their little village. 

EGO put his nose up to the windows, attempting to see into each life that lived inside.  He strutted in the streets, roaring his head off.  With every deep breath, he grew larger.  With every puff of smoke, another tail would grow.  Soon EGO was so big  he couldn't see inside the windows. All he could see was himself. He would primp and prance in front of his reflection thinking he was so impressive.

The townspeople made a secret pact. They would  lure him with a huge mirror, placed just outside the gates of town.  They would convince him that he should take a better look at himself in that mirror. It worked!  Once  EGO saw himself in that large looking glass,  he huffed and puffed and strutted, and grew even larger!  Soon he was so big that he couldn't see all of himself in the new mirror!

The townspeople went back inside the gates and bolted them shut! The knew that EGO had grown so large that he couldn't fit through the gate, even if it was unlatched. He couldn't fit inside their town! EGO was outside! They could ignore his huffing and puffing!  Then the people realized something else. The air turned clean and clear again. The sky was blue and the sun shone on the sea. The flowers were brilliant colors again!  The people could live in peace and harmony once more!

They danced and sang and had a big party in celebration!  And life in Sharetown, at the edge of the sea, was happy once more.

Moral of the story: Sometimes what you think of yourself can give people a bad impression. If you want to fit in with others, make an effort not to take over.