Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Sun Room

It's chilly in the sun room this morning. It's that time of year when the days later and cooler and then warm up to a comfortable temperature. It's that wonderful season when the air conditioner has been turned off, the doors and windows are flung open for the fresh air to flow freely through the house, and the heat is not turned on yet.  I love this time of year.

It is the time where we begin preparations for the winter....putting outside furnishings away, cleaning up the gardens, having the heating unit checked and serviced. For me, it's also a time of removing things from the sun porch, where I work all Spring and Summer on my craft items. Soon it will be time to close the doors that attach this room to the kitchen, for the temperatures in the unheated space get too cold to spend much time there.  We do open it again for our winter gatherings with family, but we do that days ahead of time so that it warms with the heat from the house or from the frequent use of the oven.   We do have an electric fireplace too, with adjustable temperature control which heats a crowded room enough to be comfortable.

I really miss this room, though, in the winter. It is my favorite room in the house. It's so light and bright and comfortably furnished for sitting, eating, crafting. I could live in this room. Since it is almost a 4 season room, but not quite, I see little reason to add heat to it at this point. The sun room will soon be cleaned well, and closed up, but will be opened again a few days before Christmas for the incoming family.   Ahhhh, well, the living will be done in the room intended for such action....the living room!

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