Monday, October 21, 2013

Things That Make You Want To Say ' Hmmmmm'

There are many mysteries in life. I would be the first to say that some of them aren't worth investigation, nor further commentary.   There are other illusive facts which, in order to satisfy a curious mind, must be searched for.  Other questions often bring answers of their own, in due time, without doing much more than keeping eyes and ears open.

The biggest mystery for me is people.  A friend recently wrote her blog regarding the question of whether nature or nurture is responsible for the differences in an adults raised in the same environment, with the same set of parents and with the same set of rules, etc.  I've no answer for that one. I tend to think it's more a matter of nature at work, than nurturing, but someone else will, undoubtedly, have a different opinion. The debate could go on for eons, and I shan't take part in that one.

People interest me. I care about them, and I find their behaviors fascinating....and frustrating.  While I may be curious as to what 'makes them tick', I know that I won't ever know the answer. What I can do is attempt to understand them.  It's not always easy, but if one does not make an effort to show kindness and try to understand, even in a frustrating situation, it will become a time of  resentment, anger, and frustration. Who needs that?

Each person ever born has been created just the way we an individual. Some are nothing like us in word, deed, personality, appearance, thinking, behavior.  Some behaviors are a short distance in make up from wild dogs, some are a speck away from angelic.  I'm not a doctor, but I am an observer and I believe that behavior can be controlled. If you watch a person who attacks, you can get an idea about them. They don't know how to temper themselves, their thoughts and tongues when they feel threatened.  Yes, they feel threatened by something. Maybe it's that their statement was debated, maybe they feel their intelligence is under question. Who knows why they choose to attack rather than discuss with an open mind? They have a point to make, and they're going to win at all costs. Such people end up losing in the end, because their ship was let float untethered, rather than having been steered by an able hand. They lose their audience, they lose respect, they lose friends.

Those who attempt to live in peace with others seem to try to keep themselves free of  such situations. Once bitten, one does not return to pet a vicious dog. They keep their eye on them, but don't jump into the dog fight. Those people are the ones who show the true 'people smarts.' They know how to steer out of the rough waters, or just ride the waves.  They know how to stay strong in their beliefs without spewing it out in annoyance. Angels!

So many types of personalities, so many types of brains at work!  Most all of them make me scratch my head in wonder at what really lies behind their behavior and words.  I'll never know the answers, but still, I watch....and try to understand.

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  1. Well I do think that some of the ways we interact with others is a result of our upbringing. We are taught to be patient - its not a human trait! We are taught to treat others with respect, etc. But then the personalities that are born in us do their work too....LOL